Institutional grade OTC platform for digital assets.

Why Bitleague Pro?

Full US Compliance

US FinCEN registered on-shore entity.

Crypto-to-USD OTC trades executed within a secure, full KYC/AML framework.

Providing Asian users real-time KYC solutions with advanced technology in a regulated environment.

Privacy and Keys

Client privacy data as well as private seeds and keys are kept secure through cold storage.

Multi-signature keys are cold-stored across three continents (Asia, Australia, North America).

Client privacy data is kept in cold storage in a banking facility in neutralized territory.

Global Liquidity

Access to large trading accounts in Asia, connected to the largest liquidity providers at OTC desks, exchanges and market makers globally.

Access to accounts with regulated US banking and trust facilities.

Minimal price impact on large trading volumes.

Institutional Experience

US banking and trust facilities

Bitleague Pro's management team comes from the global financial services industry, with more than 100 years + combined experience in Banking, Currency Trading, Asset Management, Regulation, and Technology.

Deep net working capital through large initial investors.